Bizsafe is a program that is developed and supported by the Ministry of Manpower of the Government of Singapore so that they can help and support or provide guidance to different forms or types of companies located in Singapore regarding how to build up safety in your workplace and also improve health capability. This program has five levels which need to get cleared by the companies one by one though it is not mandatory for them. The government has developed this program scheme to help small and medium-sized business entities to secure safety and health condition in your company. The companies can move on to the other level only if their business entity meets up with the level’s requirements. Through this article, the readers and viewers of this article will learn about the requirements and charges taken to apply for bizsafe level 1.

bizsafe level 1

What are the benefits of Bizsafe?

  • Comply with risk management regulation- this regulation procedure should be conducted by all the business entities as per the regulations given by risk management. This regulation must be conducted or reviewed or renewed after every 3 years. As per the regulations under Singapore Accreditation Council.
  • Increase Business competitive edge- due to regular incidents happening based on safety for their employees in the workplaces many wishes to enter those business entities which is equipped with risk management system and practices.
  • Gain better corporate branding- it is mainly seen that in the heat of improving the quality of services and products given to their clients and building up the brand’s reputation by harming the health conditions of their company will seriously damage the company’s corporate image. But bizSAFE will assure the company’s clients and employees to improve the company’s branding.
  • Enjoy free advertising services- this program provides free advertising services to those business entities which provide BizSAFE certificates for their products and services to connect with their partners and clients.

Properties of the first level of BizSAFE-

  1. This is a half-day workshop or an online learning course conducted for three hours.
  2. This must be attended by the top level officers or posted individuals from the company that as the Director, General Manager, Managing Director, or Chief Executive Officer.
  3. The top management team of the company will learn about the legal obligations which fall under the WSH or Workplace Safety and Health Act, 2006, and on what basics you can develop the WSH policy.
  4. After the end of this course, the participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.
  5. For this level, you need to pay S$ 100 to S$ 150 for a single day of training.
  6. The first level of this program’s aim is to demonstrate top management commitment towards their business through the medium of a workshop.
  7. To apply fill up the level 1 form of BizSAFE.

To conclude, the above-mentioned article depicts the procedure of this level.