Incorporation and LLC formation packages from Incfile are free, and the company also includes a free registered agent service for a full year. Incfile’s website is easy to use, so the process should go smoothly incfile review even if you’re a first-time LLC or corporation filer. There are some problems with Incfile’s customer service, however. Compared to bigger companies, Incfile has fewer service options.

Incorporated in 2004, Incfile offers a large suite of registration, compliance, and filing services and business formation and registered agent services. They have been focused heavily on efficiency since they were incfile review founded in 2004. Additionally, according to many reviewers, Incfile has poor to average ratings on several review sites due to the difficulty of getting a hold of a real person.

Incfile provides a wide range of services related to forming and managing LLCs and businesses. According to Incfile’s website, the company has streamlined its business formation process using technology since it was founded. Incfile’s Silver Plan offers the bare-bones service you’ll need for your articles of organization, but if you’re looking for it, we’d recommend it.

incfile review

Its $0 price point is unbeatable, and the free year of registered agent service is a great bonus. The Incfile Gold Plan is a step up from Incfile’s Silver plan and includes many extra services. It does not include an operating agreement, which we deem essential to any successful business. Some of these might be helpful to new business owners, but others don’t.

An LLC operating agreement describes what it does, its members, and how profits are distributed, among other things. Many states require operating Agreements. We consider them an essential document. EINs are like social security numbers for businesses and are required by most law enforcement agencies.

If you want to open an account for your business, you’ll need a banking resolution – it authorizes the opening of the account. As soon as you receive an Incfile document, you will be notified of upcoming filing dates and the status of your documents. You can easily view Incfile alerts, check Incfile order statuses, and review any documents you’ve already created on Incfile’s online dashboard.

Incfile offers “unlimited” phone and email support with the gold package, but it is unclear how this support differs from its existing customer service. It is unlikely that this service will apply to everyone, but it could be helpful for people who wish to form an S-corp rather than an LLC. Small businesses can enjoy tax benefits through S-corporations, but not all.

One of Incfile’s banking partners can set up your business bank account. Incfile offers you a business tax consultation through a third party. You can contact them if you have some basic tax questions when you start your business. Some services offered by Incfile are one-time, while others are continual.

Incfile’s primary packages are fixed-cost – you pay once, and you’re done. Incfile’s registered agent service could be a recurring cost. All of Incfile’s packages include a free year of this service. We will discuss a registered agent and why you may want one in greater detail below.