Owning a commercial or retail property comes with plenty of complicated requirements and challenges. This is probably the reason why most property Owner Corporation prefers to work with trusted experts in body corporate management melbourne. If you are considering doing the same, then you need to know why this might just be the right decision you will ever make this year.

Body Corporate Managers – What Do They Do? 

Some people confuse body corporate managers with property managers. But these two have different roles and responsibilities. Property managers are usually employed by individual lot owners. Their role is to manage the property of these individuals. The Body Corporate Manager on the other hand works on behalf of all of the owners of the property.

Roles and Responsibilities 

Body Corporate Managers or also called “Strata Managers” are appointed by the owners of the property. These managers represent all the owners, provide them with the right advice, as well as guide them in legal matters.

Their roles include setting up meetings, collecting rent, providing advice on asset management, managing insurance claims, and keeping the financial accounts in check. And most importantly, they make sure that the property is compliant with the terms of legislation as well as the insurance coverage.

Choosing Strata Managers 

In Melbourne alone,  there are plenty of Strata Managers to choose from. It is crucial that you know which Body Corporate management service providers should you consider. Here are the factors that will greatly affect your decision:

  • People Skills. A Body Corporate Manager should have exemplary people skills. Remember that they are working on behalf of the property owners. They must know how to effectively interact with the members of the community.
  • Nobody wants to entrust their body corporate responsibilities to someone who does not have experience in this industry. That is why only choose one from a provider with lots of experience in handling such complicated circumstances.
  • The manager should know the ins and outs of this industry. That is why being knowledgeable of commercial and retail body corporation is a must. They should be able to provide sound and effective advice to the owners’ corporation.
  • Being a Body Corporate Manager comes with complex roles and responsibilities. That is why qualifications like licenses and certifications should be verified. They should have had a level of training that will indicate their preparedness to handle complicated matters.
  • As a Body Corporate Manager, this person should maintain a high level of professionalism in all aspects of their work. It can be their attitude towards the vendors, workers, as well as the owners’ corporation.

SELECT, Where Your Trusted Strata Managers Are 

The Owners’ Corporation is the one who decides which Body Corporate Manager should they hire. If you are looking for the best Body Corporate Managers, then choose SELECT. The company has been around for decades providing the best property management and body corporate management services all across Melbourne. There is no doubt that the managers that they employ have the characteristics of the best Strata Managers as mentioned.