This is a post about the Harold Matzner Affiliate Marketing Support Archive. You may need help finding support when using the things you have to market affiliate products or services. If you are still struggling or want to see what others have experienced, this is for you. Visit and get more data. 


If you’re looking for help in starting affiliate marketing as soon as possible and in the best possible way, then there’s no doubt that it can be tough to find reliable resources. Most frequently, people find what they need on forums or blogs by following the advice of other newbies who didn’t do well. Yet, in many cases, there are better approaches than this. After all, they are often unreliable or don’t know what they are talking about.


In this case, Harold Matzner published the first – and only one – direct support for affiliate marketing products on his blog. He made it specific for his readers by offering a special discount when you purchased his e-books. That’s why I won’t link to material from the blog anymore except from the archive page (the page may disappear at any time). 

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When you read the material in the archive, please remember that many posts date back to 2007. That’s why some of them are not relevant anymore. Also, many are lengthy and may require you to use a search engine before you find what you’re looking for. 


Harold is an author, speaker and expert in affiliate marketing strategies and tools. There is plenty of information and sound advice in his posts. Still, be careful when you decide what to apply. You will find tips on affiliate marketing strategies, tools, tips and techniques, as well as a few about affiliate marketing courses or training. However, before you use anything you read here or elsewhere for your business, do the proper research.


When you have found something you like, make sure it’s a good fit for your needs. Also, make sure that it fits your budget. Asking about the costs and getting a bargain are two elements that should be addressed here. Also, be aware of what you’re getting yourself into, even if it seems free. Always read the terms and conditions when signing up with any service or system that interests you so that you will avoid getting stuck into something you didn’t want or is against your preferences.