Although most efforts at strategic marketing may be focused on developing new products, the auto dealership construction industry is a peculiar one. As a result, the brand identity of a business in this industry will usually be more reliant upon its building than its product. The dealership construction industry is unique as it involves the design and development of many separate buildings simultaneously. Consequently, exceptional quality standards have to be maintained throughout, since expensive maintenance and repair bills can arise later on if the quality of auto dealership construction is bad throughout the building structure. Here are a few ways in which a dealership will be able to achieve this as well as attract more customers.

Developing Brand Identity

One of the most important factors in the successful development of a brand is to plan its logo and branding beforehand. This is because brand identity can be difficult to instill in the minds of potential customers, although it is absolutely essential to have a clear and consistent vision in mind before setting out on the design of a building. Brand identity should be built upon the ‘key elements’ being incorporated into every aspect of the design. This includes logo usage and placement, colour scheme and material construction.

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Product Presentation

The presentation of car models within the dealership is a very important factor in attracting new customers. The material of the buildings themselves may be important too, especially in relation to the effect that it will have on the presentation of vehicles. The building itself is an important factor and is something that should be carefully planned in advance. This should include how many car models will be showcased at different times, as well as how this will affect the presentation of different pre-planned models. Employees may also play a role in this presentation and are thus important to hire accordingly.


Another important factor in attracting new customers is effective marketing. This involves hiring skilled and knowledgeable marketing professionals to spread the word about the business. This can be done using mediums such as websites, social media and email newsletters. It is important to invest in effective marketing in order to stand out from competitors and create brand awareness.

Mixing Metals

The choice of material for building is also incredibly important for the success of a dealership. The material that is used should be appropriate for both the needs of the business and its corporate identity. It may be useful to have some variation in the materials that are used throughout the buildings, which could include both metals and nonmetals.


Concrete is a cheap but effective material to use when building a dealership. It is also strong enough to make car models more durable and display vehicles more clearly than other materials might.