Almost everyone is familiar with the term insurance. We hear it everywhere in our lives. Sometimes it can be medical, sometimes it’s monetary. We even receive tonnes of ads each day on various types of insurance- life insurance, home insurance, vehicle insurance, and much more.

 Insurance is more like financial aid in times of need. It is a sense of security ensured by policy agencies. This system runs on contracts where the policyholder is aided with monetary needs for damage caused to an insured person or object under specific conditions.

car insurance singapore is a massive boon for financially ordinary families who can not afford large amounts on sudden requirements. The policy becomes a great help under unforeseen situations like accidents. However, the policy system withholds some rules to avoid deception and larceny. The insurance can be claimed only under specific conditions by which the damage is caused.

Car Insurance Singapore

Coverage of vehicle insurance:

The coverage is of various types that generally includes

  • Property or collision coverage which covers costs for repair or recovery of vehicles caused by incidents such as traffic collisions, theft, etc.
  • Medical coverage covers the medical expenses of the victim.
  • Liability coverage covers the cost of legal responsibility for damage caused to a person or property.
  • Comprehensive coverage covers damage expenses caused by incidents other than collisions or accidents such as weather, fire, animal damages, and vandalism.


An insurance policy can cover a huge amount of expenses during hazards. A sudden traffic accident or theft of your car can cost the victim a fortune in its recovery especially when the incidents are completely unexpected and not prepared for. In such times the insurance policy provides them with a premium. Premium is the money provided to cover the expenses for the loss. The victim can then pay the agency back in instalments.

Conditions in which a claim can be rejected:

The claim can be rejected when the cause of damage doesn’t meet the requirements. Damages that are caused by drunk driving and self-negligence are not eligible for the claim. The claim can also be rejected if the damage is caused by natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, etc.

Things to know:

While signing up for a policy one must be aware of fraudulent approaches. Always sign up with verified agencies. Make sure to read the entire contract carefully before signing to avoid scams.