According to the buddhist funeral services singapore, a ceremony or wake is organized so that friends and family will be able to pay condolences and visit the perished one. Such services are conducted before or even after burial or cremation, mainly depending on the personal preference of the family. This service is a bit dignified and serene event where the casket is showcased close to the altar.

A few decorations containing pictures of the deceased one, incense, a flower, and an image of Buddha are used. The close ones pay their condolences and pray for the wellness of their soul. The monks give oration and organise every rite according to the funeral beliefs of Buddhists. After completing all rituals, the remains are shifted to the burial or cremation ground. At the time of burying or cremating the family members and monks carol for the deceased one.

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buddhist funeral services singapore

Donating the deceased body or a part of the body is accepted and the body can be given to the medical research centre and can help other people. Buddhist people also believe in embalming. The insertion of the reception ceremony mainly relies on the traditions and funeral beliefs of Buddhists and also on the family of the person who is deceased. Conducting the reception ceremony, and carrying out every funeral service are completed by several Buddhist funeral services in Singapore to permit the family and friends to mourn in calm.

Things to expect in Buddhist funeral services

Buddhism believes that the process of soul reincarnation is carried out after death. This is the tradition of several Buddhist forms, and some prayers and rituals are frequently conducted at these funerals. Even though the soul of the deceased one is reincarnated, it is a depressing situation for every family member.

As per tradition, the deceased may be laid to rest his or her soul with the help of cremation or burial. This is done in the cemetery of Choa Chu Kang. Nonetheless, due to the scarcity of space, every grave is disinterred after the completion of fifteen years. The presence of monks is required in the funeral ceremony as they lead everyone in the process of chanting. The funeral of a Buddhist generally lasts around three to five days in Singapore, but there is also a choice of conducting a funeral for around one week.