You can always diversify your portfolio and increase your income. One sure way to do it is by investing in passive oil and gas. This is one type of residual income where your money just continues to grow after your initial investment. If you want to know if oil and gas investments are for you, then read on the reasons why you should go for it.

 Passive, Steady Income

Investing in oil and gas passively can be done through royalties and mineral rights. This is one way to efficiently generate regular yet passive income. Here’s the process of oil and gas investment with Foundation Capital:

  • Purchase the oil tank.
  • The company then leases the oil tank on your behalf.
  • You start receiving monthly income in cash.
  • After 5 years, Foundation Capital purchases the oil tank from you for the same price you initially paid.

 Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Adding passive oil and gas assets to your portfolio could be an excellent way of expanding your investment options. There is typically a weak relationship between the energy market and other traditional asset classes. This means that even if the rest of your investments are doing poorly, your oil and gas assets may still be generating income and shielding you from market fluctuations.

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 Protection Against Inflation

Those with investments in the oil and gas industries have not felt the effects of inflation. The price of basic assets like oil and natural gas tends to increase even during inflation. That is why many choose to go for this type of passive investment.

 Potential for Capital Appreciation

Passive investments like the ones in the oil and gas industry are usually preferred for income purposes. Yet it may also be greatly beneficial when it comes to price appreciation. If oil and gas prices increase, the value of your land may increase.

 Tax Benefits

Some passive investments in oil and gas can help you save money on taxes. This is called “depletion credits” which is a tax break that lets you keep more of your oil and gas income as long as certain conditions are met.

 Start Your Passive Gas and Oil Investment Today!

Those looking for investment security, diversification, and profit, should look into the oil and gas industry. You must develop a secure, long-term portfolio. Passive oil and gas investments are an excellent addition to any portfolio. It is a stable income and offers a possibility for capital appreciation.